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Who are we?

Athenian Portal is a consulting company specialized in European Golden Visa Programs by real estate investment. It is registered in Greece under the laws and regulations of Greece and the European Union.

Our team is composed of some of the best lawyers, engineers, accountants, and real-estate agents in Greece.

Our highly experienced team helps you throughout the whole process: from the property purchase, through the acquisition of the golden visa for yourself and your family, and all the way to property management after purchase.

Spend less and spend right!

Our values

Full compliance with the laws and regulations

Never build unrealistic promises or expectations

Utmost care to secure your investment and build a long-term trust-based relationship

Full transparency and accuracy

Your safety and comfort come first

Your comfort and style!

Our services

Our highly experienced team are fully committed to help you:

Find the best real-estate that matches your unique requirements

Facilitate your travel and stay

Purchase and register the real-estate

Obtain the Golden Residency

Manage your property (rent | maintenance)