Wise Investment




Greece Golden Visa is a permanent residence permit issued to non-EU nationals willing to invest in Greece a minimum amount of €250,000.

Ranked first for its competitive entry level fee, Greece residency program offers the following advantages:

Indefinite residency for the investor & family members

with no requirements to live in the country

Freedom of travel

to/from 26 European countries

Access to healthcare

& wellness treatments of European standards

Access to European

school and universities

Easy dealing with

European banks and businesses

Guaranteed weekend escape

or longer vacations

Pathway to obtain

citizenship and passport

Business activities are possible within a wide range of interesting growing sectors like tourism, energy, renewables, technologies, pharmaceutical, health, life sciences, logistics, agriculture, export, real-estate, etc.

The program attracted 2305 investors in 2017. It offers the most attractive investment options in Europe.

The Greek passport is ranked 8 on the Passport Index, just following Switzerland and Canada. Obtaining a Greek passport boosts freedom of travel to 158 countries.

The above-mentioned advantages are worth the investment.